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We are not only partnering up with LUNO to deliver more incredible events for our awesome community but also we have some really special guests. On the super hot evening of 14th August, the star will be Cardano is a fully open source, decentralized public blockchain which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed.

We are honoured.

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At the very warszawa bitcoin event, Luno will show you the results of their social experiment "One week with Bitcoin" and present their market research on the profile of the typical crypto user. Exciting stuff, right?!

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Yes, you want lavoro su internet be there. To protect and evolve the Cardano ecosystem.


Shape Legislation and Commercial Standards. Educate, grow and support the Cardano Community. A Golden Source of Cardano protocol information.

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Enterprise partnerships and commercial alliances. Luno believes that decentralised digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money: -cheaper, faster and safer transactions; -more privacy and freedom; -a significantly better user experience; -and ultimately, more equality warszawa bitcoin giving everyone in the world access to the same financial system, no matter who they are or where they are from.

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He helps maintain several popular libraries and tools including Cabal and ByteString. He holds a first-class degree in Computation and a D. Phil in Computer Science, both from Oxford University.

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He has published papers at international conferences, including ICFP. His research focus is on generating high-performance code from idiomatic high-level Haskell code. This included co-authoring the ByteString and Binary libraries and work on stream fusion for lists.

Cosa devi sapere per fare trading di Bitcoin? Il bitcoin è una valuta digitale popolare conosciuta anche come una criptovaluta o cripto che è stata inventata nel da una persona o un gruppo di persone sconosciute usando lo pseudonimo Satoshi Nakamoto.

Magdalena Golebiewska - Country Manager of Eastern Europe of Luno Luno is a leading global digital currency company on a mission to upgrade the world to a better financial system. With over 1.

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Magdalena spent the last decade working in the Fintech industry - building, developing and promoting financial solutions such as e-payments PayUonline currency exchanges CurrencyOne, e-lending instalments, loans - Kreditech and international money transfers TransferGo all over the world, with a prominent focus on Eastern Europe, but as well Latin America, Africa and Europe, including UK or Spain.

Her passion for innovation in FinTech has led her to Luno.

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