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I seldom prefer the strategy version ,As you have requested to share the backtest results sharing the details here for your info only. This is, published to show only the test results of the original "LongBuyLongSell" indicator that was published in tradingview initially on 27Jun.

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The test scripts are only available to do testing by me and it is keycode protected,Here sharing the results of BTCUSD of 30min time frame with the improved logic in "longbuylongsell" indicator version. This script cannot be used for generating Alerts realtime as tradingview does not support user "Alerts" in strategy scripts.

So please get access for "longbuylongsell" indicator. Information are shared to show the accuracy of this LongBuyLongsell Indicator.

Harmony (ONEBTC) Binance New Listing

Again,This is shared only for info ,not to be used. If you wish to use the indicator check and get the access for the working "longbuylongsell" indicator version 1 and Version 2 and not to this.

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Note di rilascio: Noise Reduced. Default all the option disabled.

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Enable as per your choice. Code updated to Version 3 1. Red star above the candle indicate cryptotab browser android cover the long position for quick profits; STAR below the bar shows Early exit of short position.

Strengthmeter based BgColor activated in this version. Yellow BackGround Color ;do not enter new trade ;Continue the trade or cover the previous long or short trades.

USD (Dollaro americano)

Autoview Auto Trading possible ;Alerts included Indictor version will be released seperately with all these updates 6. Make use of Average lines to take accurate trades. Make use of PSAR for deciding the trades.

So I sold most of my alt-coin holdings for BTClast night. The last futures of the past week didn't had negetive influance on the bitcoin yet.

Background 5,15,30min Average line check added. Enable the option to get this. Color change possible using Style Tab. Review ,Like,Share if you feel this is good work and if it will help traders.

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Greater than 1Hr Time Frame Good. Less time Frame like 15min 30min and 45Min please use with more caution. Thank you! Trial Access for testing will be given within 24 hours.

LongBuyLongSell 90% profit Excellent Win Rate Strategy indicator

Check tradingview go btc private message for to know the access status in tradingview. Like ,Follow,Appreciate if this helpful to your trades. All settings are customizable in indicator properties.

Back test is enabled!!!

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All can test the Strategy now. Note di rilascio: Info panel time adjustment. Note di rilascio: Info Panel Overlay fix V1. Do you want to try this Indicator. To Get access - Send me a private chat message in tradingview.


Tradingview go btc request in comment section below. Sono anche su: Website Script su invito L'accesso a questo script è riservato agli utenti autorizzati dall'autore, solitamente dietro pagamento di una commissione. Puoi aggiungerlo ai preferiti, ma sarai in grado di utilizzarlo solo una volta ricevuto il via libera da parte dell'autore. Per maggiori informazioni, puoi controllare le istruzioni qui sotto o contattare direttamente MarxBabu.


In molti casi, esistono alternative gratuite ed open-source nella nostra Libreria pubblica. Vuoi usare questo script sui tuoi grafici?

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Avvertenza: leggi prima di richiedere l'accesso. Rimuovi dagli indicatori preferiti Aggiungi agli indicatori preferiti.

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