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Modern slavery policy

As a business, we have a moral responsibility to protect and care for the people who create and bring our products to our customers. Styles, materials, and prices may vary across the range of products we create and sell to our customers, but our core values do not change.

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Wherever we operate and whoever we work with, we strive to comply with our overall Human Rights Policy. It is also made in accordance with the expectations that any reasonable consumer would place on a global retailer such as Gap Inc. This statement has been approved by the boards of directors of Gap Inc. This confirms that the UK companies and Gap Inc. Most of the products sold under our brand names are designed by Gap Inc. We also sell products that are designed and manufactured by branded third parties, especially at our Intermix brand.

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We purchase branded private label and non-private label merchandise from approximately facilities in 23 countries. The facilities that manufacture our branded apparel collectively employ approximately 1 million people worldwide. In an effort to ensure modern slavery policy forced labor and human trafficking risks are minimized within our supply chain, we apply a rigorous risk assessment framework, as well as locally implemented worker-related programs.

Under no circumstance is it acceptable for child, forced, or trafficked labor to be employed within our operations or used in the production of any Gap Inc. We believe that no person should be subject to a situation where basic needs and fundamental rights are denied, which is why we regularly partner with governments, NGOs, consultants and trade unions to forge innovative solutions to systemic issues in the apparel and textile supply chain. Our policy applies to both our wholly owned operations and our supply chain.

Our Business Discovery, Inc.

This policy establishes key principles that guide how we run our business, as well as the core issues that we work to address. Gap Inc. It also includes provisions on salient human rights issues. All employees are required to complete the Principles of Integrity: Code of Business Conduct Overview training modern slavery policy to ensure their understanding of our commitments.

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Products are also available to customers online through Company-owned websites and through third-party websites. Furthermore, inwe entered a licensing partnership to bring our brand s to new categories through new distribution channels.

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Wherever we employ people directly, we do so in accordance with our Human Rights Policy, Code of Business Conduct and in compliance with local labor laws. Members of our store management team visit our retail stores on a regular basis to ensure that our policies are put into practice, and our loss prevention and audit teams modern slavery policy out annual assessments of our stores.

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Similar internal audit processes are carried out in respect to practices within our distribution centers. We also have a hotline available for employees to report any breaches of policies, as well as an anti-retaliation policy that protects them when doing so.

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Our employees are bound to comply with our COBC and a breach of the ethical principles contained therein could lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Such due diligence encompasses a variety of issues including research into franchisee supply chains and working conditions. For non-merchandise vendors, we typically reserve rights of assessment in our contracts and exercise such rights when appropriate to verify vendor compliance with applicable laws and contractual terms.

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We also have a vendor approval process that requires new suppliers for branded apparel product to undergo an assessment against our COVC prior to beginning production for Gap Inc. After the initial assessment of working conditions, the facility either earns approval or is placed in pending status while it addresses outstanding issues.

The COVC that is used for the assessments contains provisions related to forced labor, child labor, foreign contract workers and identity document retention.

Modern slavery policy | Hill+Knowlton Strategies – Italy

In signing Gap Inc. Our statements lay the foundation for our comprehensive approach to engaging and collaborating with our suppliers to monitor, remediate and continuously improve their performance with regard to responsible labor.

Our Supplier Sustainability team members — who are locally hired in the countries from which we source and who speak local languages — assess and validate that suppliers are meeting the expectations outlined in our COVC.

We assess risks to especially vulnerable groups, including migrant labor and women in the workplace, and our COVC specifies our management approach towards ensuring free and voluntary labor for these groups. InCOVID limited our ability to conduct on-site audits in some sourcing countries, so we made adjustments to our approach, including the use of virtual assessments.


In addition, we conduct desktop reviews of key supplier and worker documents to assess forced labor risks. We also conduct virtual worker interviews for validation of our findings and for further due diligence.

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When conditions allow, we will resume on-site assessments and supplier trainings in all sourcing countries. Our COVC also has stringent requirements around foreign contract workers, who are at risk of exploitation through indentured servitude.

Modern Slavery Transparency Statements | MSC

We monitor how foreign contract labor is used modern slavery policy facilities producing Gap Inc. Our policy must be upheld throughout the entire employment cycle of foreign contract workers. To protect the rights of contract workers, Gap Inc. These requirements span recruitment, employment, up to termination of employment, and provide the lens through which our assessors look at policies, practices and conditions in the facility to find indications of forced modern slavery policy.

More information on our policies and procedures on foreign contract workers is available online. Initial assessments for new facilities are generally coordinated with the requested vendor or facility. Facilities from Tier 1 suppliers include cut-and-sew production, sub-contractors, and supporting units such as dyeing, embroidery, and wash units.

Inwe defined and communicated social criteria to Tier 2 fabric vendors, including production facilities and subcontractors. These social criteria include provisions involving forced and child labor. We have expanded an augmented version of our Assessment and Remediation program into our Tier 2 strategic textile mills, enabling us to directly evaluate working conditions at the mill level.

We paused the expansion of this program in due to a reevaluation of our Tier 2 supplier base and because of COVID restrictions. An increasing number of facilities producing our branded apparel participate in the Better Work program, a collaborative facility monitoring and capability building initiative led by the International Labour Organization ILO. Our expectations for Foreign Contract Workers and recruitment are available online.

We publicly report aggregate findings of assessment results at the facilities that make our branded apparel on our company website. We consider the following within our Forced Labor standards: forced labor, free egress, restrictions to voluntarily ending employment and restrictions on worker movement.

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Inour assessments revealed one facility in which workers were unable to freely access bathrooms and the factory clinic. Our Supplier Sustainability team worked with factory management to remediate the issue and educate workers on their right to free movement.

Policy commitment on anti-slavery Policy commitment on anti-slavery In accordance with national laws and international principles on antislavery we do in Laerdal, and in our subsidiaries, take steps to assure we live according to these principles. We recognize that modern slavery including human trafficking, forced labor, bonded labor, child slavery, and hazardous child labor can occur in every industry and sector. Where problems or risks are identified, we take steps to understand what these risks are and to manage them accordingly. To modern slavery policy that work is performed according to these standards, Laerdal conducts regular impact assessments within the range of its core activities. Laerdal expects that its business partners also work according to these standards and assess the impact of their activities by either utilizing the same tools and methodology as Laerdal or documenting that any alternatives selected to ensure compliance with the standards and can be used to adequately assess the impact of their activities, especially those that are directly linked to Laerdal.

Activity like this violates our COVC and we responded to these findings by creating a corrective action plan and conducting follow-up visits to validate that the remediation was complete.

Our policies and action plans for forced labor incidents are described further online.

Modern Slavery Statement

We also monitor unauthorised subcontracting UASwhich has high risk for forced labor. We take extra precautions in countries with a high risk of UAS by offering specialized awareness training for suppliers and facility management, and by conducting site visits to ensure our product is being manufactured in the appropriate designated facility.

We are publishing this statement in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act as a demonstration of our commitment to anti-slavery practices and an affirmation of the values we hold and adopt across our business. Hootsuite is dedicated to ensuring that the way we conduct our business reflects our values and our belief that everyone should be treated with dignity and mutual respect in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

When unauthorized subcontracting is detected, our Supplier sustainability team will assess the unapproved facility for forced labor and other critical issues. We believe this shows that the enforcement of our policies, which can involve financial chargebacks or business termination, are continuing to have a positive effect.

More information on our policies and procedures are available online. For our Licensing business that launched inwe require all factories considered for producing licensed product to submit a recent third-party audit report from an approved auditing firm before they are approved to begin production.

Our teams review these audits and will reject the factory for production if forced labor is found.

Powering Informed Action in Real-Time

Failure of vendors to abide by Gap Inc. In addition to providing ongoing training, our Supplier Sustainability team convenes regularly to discuss program effectiveness and improvements. Inbased on a thorough risk assessment, we strengthened our foreign contract worker requirements and by providing additional detailed guidance on recruitment, fees, employment contracts, and onsite policies and practices, come il commercio bitcoin filippine equal treatment and non-discrimination.

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Foreign contract worker requirements are a sub-section of our COVC and Assessment Manual and are subject to regular review and annual revision, whenever we feel enhancement and updates are needed.